SML-1000-1 "Ghost" Edition 10,12,15,17,20,40,60 Meter Bands

High Power Experimental Multiband Magnetic Loop Antenna


(Important: requires an Automatic Antenna Tuner such as an MFJ or LDG.  NOT INCLUDED)


Easily handles 100 Watts PEP CW, 400 Watts Max SSB.


Antenna Video Review by David Casler KE0OG:



The process of tuning the antenna for Dx is straight forward and is as follows:

1.- Turn OFF the auto-tuner and choose the desired frequency on the Transceiver.
2.- Turn on the volume on the transceiver and turn over the capacitor on the antenna and find the spot where maximum noise is heard.
3.- Turn on the auto tuner and proceed to auto tune the antenna. This process usually results in a 1:1 swr or very close to it.
After this tuning process, when you search for other stations to Dx, you do not need to perform auto tune until you are ready to transmit on a chosen frequency. Once the frequency is chosen, you press auto tune and get your SWR down to 1:1 or very close to it. Then transmit. (If the auto tune does not tune satisfactorily after a frequency change, go back to No.1 above and repeat.)




I.-38 Inch Copper loop for 10Mts to 60 Mts

II.-Stainless Steel Threaded rods, nuts and washers

III.-Translucent enclosed variable air core capacitor

IV.- Easy to convert Loop Up with a 32" user provided 3/4 inch PVC pipe



Customer feedback:



First, I wanted to thank you for a fine product. I'm in a space-constrained environment (no outdoor antennas). Your antenna is exceeding my expectations. The assembly could not have been simpler.With regards to performance, my observation is that your antenna , far outperforms a low attic dipole for sub 10MHz DX.For 40-30m DX your antenna outperforms the attic dipole.


Mike, Moon Twp. PA



Arrived early. Set it up on 30m and ran WSPR @ 5w for awhile last evening.Here are the results from North Idaho:(See contacts picture above)SO, I suspect this will work for what I have in mind for it.THANK YOU.


I’ll be taking this to the club meeting to show ’n tell.


Michael,North Idaho



"Had the chance to try the antenna on Saturday. Attempted to make 30 contacts into pile-ups for contests. 100 watts and I made contact with every one on the first attempt. All contacts were less than 1000 miles but all were 59's"


Chris, Indiana


SML-1000-1 "Ghost" Edition

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  • 1.-VARIABLE CAPACITOR:Translucent enclosure, fully assembled ready to use High voltage air core variable capacitor. (Aluminum Fins & Stainless steel rods and nuts)

    2.-RADIANT LOOP:Qty (1) carefully coiled 38" Diameter copper Radiant loop

    3.-ACTIVE LOOPS:Qty (1) 7"Diameter 3/4 wide Aluminum plate

    4.- Qty (2) gold plated ¼ inch post connector

    5.- PVC Frame:PVC frame with Qty (10) 3/4 PVC T joint and Aprox. 14 Ft of 3/4 PVC pipe cut in several segments. Qty (10) 6 inch electrical nylon ties.

    6.- Instructions:Assembly and use instructions.